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Abstractions in Nature

Silken Flow

Silken Flow

In this abstract style image, the incredible rate and force of the water’s flow is disguised as siken tendrils streaming gracefully over an interestingly shaped rock ledge at Cataract Falls near Cloverdale, IN. A stark contrast in color between the water and the shelf add more visual interest to the scene. The small disturbance in the water’ s surface at the lower right hand of the image gives just a subtle hint to the movement that was occuring.

Subtle Strength

Subtle Strength

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Welcome to Sarenity Photo's website, my name is Debbie Goodin. I am a professional Photographer based in Terre Haute Indiana whose interests lie in Architecture, Commercial, Real Estate. Landscape & Nature Photography. Capturing our world’s true colors, fleeting moments and amazing beauty in my photos is my passion. Feel free to browse the "Image Galleries" link to the left to view the world through my eyes. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I have enjoyed capturing the moments!

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